Last year the Trinity Orchestra played a fantastic arrangement of music by Gorillaz, in the Trinity College Exam Hall. The final song of the performance was recorded by a Dublin-based film-making company. Unfortunately the live audio wasn’t recorded well,  so we decided to record the whole soundtrack again in a studio. I volunteered to edit the final music video, combining the footage from about seven different cameras, to the newly recorded soundtrack. I completed the editing and colour-grading of the whole music video in one weekend!

Here comes the catch; the music that was recorded in the studio was totally out of time to the video we had recorded! This meant that I had to spend an entire day matching up the video clips to their corresponding parts in the soundtrack, and then re-timing all of the clips so that they fit perfectly into the sequence. The second day of editing was spent cutting between cameras in time with the music, rearranging certain clips to help disguise numerous camera and timing errors, and finally colour-grading the whole sequence. Colour-grading was essential, as none of the seven cameras seems to have been white-balanced before recording; about half of the cameras had a very high contrast and vibrancy, while others were gloomy and out of character.

Technical Details
Project: Trinity Orchestra Gorillaz Music Video
Publish Date: 24th March 2015
Video Length: 8:12 minutes
Cameras: 7
Editing Software: Final Cut Pro 7
Project Duration: 2 days